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Superior Automotive Company offers innovative products and services for the automotive market place. For over 18 years, we have been providing the automotive retail industry with products and services designed to maximize their profit potential. Our unique combination of traditional finance products such as GAP coverage, extended service contracts, road hazard, auto appearance programs, etc. and mobile electronics sales, service, and installation offers our dealers a truly full service after-market company. We believe a company's most valuable asset is its employees.

At Superior Automotive Company, Our sales professionals all have extensive front end/back end automotive retail experience. The technical sales and installation personnel benefit from many years of experience in various mobile electronic fields as well as the latest on going training. With the combined resources of our employees and the products we represent, we are confident we will be able to provide your dealership with a financial strategy that ensures success.


 Dynamic Glass & Dynamic Wheel From AutoXcel 
Dynamic GlassTM

Dynamic Glass is a State-of-the-art barrier that protects your windshield from the elements. Driving in pouring rain is dangerous and tiring. Dynamic Glass creates a surface that denies water adherence, provides enhanced clarity and less stress upon the driver and reduces nighttime glare. AutoXcel Dynamic Glass contains special chemical formulas that make a hydrophobic barrier. Water does not stay; it beads up and moves away. AutoXcel Dynamic Glass also provides a barrier to resist cracks which futher ensures safety while driving.
Dynamic WheelTM

 The Brake Dust Problem:  Brake dust occurs during stopping when the brake pad contacts the wheel rotor.  Due to the friction between the pad and the rotor, thousands of hot metal pad fragments spin off causing black brake dust.  
Most of the hot metal “embers” fall away from the car, but some stick to the clear coat of the alloy wheel.  Over time,  embedded particles cause pitting and damage to the finish of a beautiful wheel. 
Dynamic Wheel forms a barrier that resists brake dust embers, road salts, road film, and DOT chemicals that may be harmful to your wheel’s beautiful finish.

10 Year/250,000 Mile Warranty
THE PROTECTOR Warranty Plan gives your customers good reasons to return to your dealership for oil changes, scheduled maintenance, warranty work, general repairs, and aftermarket add-on's! "Shoppers", "Prospects", and "Returning Customers" quickly get the message that your dealership is offering more with every new vehicle and select pre-driven vehicles.

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