Cal Pro Old

cal pro logoWhere most dealerships and sales consultants see customer delivery as the end of the buying process, Cal-Pro’s comprehensive customer delivery system allows you to transform it into merely the beginning. Imagine having your sales consultant or a delivery coordinator deliver a powerful last impression and having the memory of that last impression be what goes to work for all of you. Cal-Pro has created a seamless, integrated system that starts at time of delivery by photographing your customers in front of their new vehicle, ensuring that great experience and creating that lasting impression. The memory of their delivery experience is sure to be an impression worthy of encouraging more referrals. Our system allows you to certify your sales team on customer delivery by allowing them to put their personal fingerprint on creating those memories, giving your dealership a real competitive edge. That’s one thing your competition can’t take away from you.

The photograph of the experience that was delivered to your customer becomes the centerpiece of a unique personalized souvenir gift, which we directly mail to them on your behalf, marking the beginning of an ongoing marketing and communication program. All of the components that comprise the product side of our system are designed to be flexible to meet your needs and to allow you to further market yourself, both in sales and service, and make each customer contact that follows delivery more professional. Additionally, there are components designed specifically to help you build your service absorption. Together, they serve to keep you and your customers connected for years to come.