Window Etch

Invisible Phantom Footprints
Exclusively designed by 3M, Invisible Phantom Footprints protects vehicles on six different areas with permanent, tamper-resistant labels. These labels are impossible to remove intact. When an attempt is made to remove one, a phantom image of the unique registered vehicle identification number is left on the vehicle. This phantom image can be seen only under UV light.
IAS and Superior Automotive Company partners with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to track stolen vehicles. Every month, NICB provide Invisible Phantom Footprints information to law enforcement agencies who in turn track the missing vehicles.
Theft Avert
The Theft Avert vehicle marking system is a unique window-etching product. stickerThis is yet another effective anti-theft program that gives customers a preferred security system that helps to identify vehicles if they have been stolen. Customers who buy Theft Avert may qualify for a comprehensive insurance discount.
Customer Benefits
  • Greater likelihood of a stolen vehicle being recovered
  • Possible insurance discounts
  • Peace of mind
Key Benefits of Invisible Phantom Footprints & Theft Avert
  • Bigger market. These products can be sold on new, lease, or used vehicles.
  • More repeat customers. Programs are available to help drive customers back to the dealership.
  • Fully insured. These products are fully insured by A rated Virginia Surety Company, Inc.