Dealer Training

Reahard & Associates remarkable record of success is the direct result of the belief of its founder Ronald J. Reahard, that “you succeed in life by helping other people become successful.” In Ron’s own words, “Continuously improving your ability to help customers is the key to the growth and profitability of any organization.” Achieving F&I Excellence! has been designed to unleash the winner in every manager by improving their ability to help every customer.

At Reahard & Associates we strive to provide attendees with an innovative, inspirational, and information packed experience, along with proven selling tools and techniques they can use today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead. Every day, in automobile dealerships throughout the country, Reahard & Associates is changing lives by improving F&I managers’ ability to help customers, one customer at a time. At Reahard & Associates, we believe it’s a beautiful day…to help a customer!